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Book Review – Joel on Software

I must confess that Joel on Software  is the first software book i brought that doesn’t focus on learning a language or platform but just talks about the software industry. It surprised me how willing  i found myself to picking up the book and reading some more.

The story behind the book is that its a collection of blog entries from the Joel On Software blog (many of which can still be found on that blog). The nature of the blog entries mainly refer to problems and solutions that occur when working in the software industry and is written from the front line perspective of someone who has worked as a Software Developer.

Although many of the posts where written many years ago (2000 – 2004) they are just as relevant today, although there are times when things like Netscape are mentioned which would mean little to many today, but theses references are always well explained and are used to make a wider point.

The book also covers some more business focused areas, such as methods of business growth and getting custom from competitors all in a simple terminology that makes it a joy to read.

Overall i found the book had a fantastic way of explain situations that made so easy to just pick up and read. I highly recommend the book, failing that check the blog out and read some of the posts there.

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