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How to add JumpLists to a C# Application


  • TonyIsBack says:

    Thx for this superb code.

    If you want your application to display multiple MessageBoxes without closing the previous, you have to use Tasks:

    protected override void WndProc(ref Message message)
    //filter the RF_TESTMESSAGE
    if (message.Msg == RF_TESTMESSAGE)
    var task = new Task(() => ShowMessage());
    //be sure to pass along all messages to the base also
    base.WndProc(ref message);
    private void ShowMessage()

  • Jared Yelton says:

    I know this may seem pedantic, but please capitalize “I” when referring to yourself. The article comes across as unprofessional.

    • josh says:

      Thanks for your feedback Jared. Completely agree with you, it was embarrassing for me to re-read. I have gone through it and hopefully improved it.

  • Muhammad Arshad says:

    hi, i use this code in my app but it does not show msg when three options (crabes…) are clicked. It only open new instance when press on my app name in task bar

  • Muhammad Arshad says:

    ok, now jumplist is working but when exe is pinned in taskbar, and does not work when exe is unpinned

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